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Young Polish Fashion – HiEnd , INFO

Today’s edition of Young Polish Fashion belongs to Monika Zygmunt. Her brand Hi-End has won the hearts of minimalistic & original clothes’ addicts. We are happy to present an exclusive interview with the designer. Expect more of such interviews in the future!

Apart from a clothing line, Monika has also designed unique & elaborate jewellery. The necklaces and bracelets are so eye-catching that often the rest of an outfit becomes a backdrop – thus the word ‘accessory’, typically reserved for jewellery, is being redefined. Monika will tell us in her own words what’s happening at her studio at the moment; in the second part of the article,The Fashion Questionnaire, you will find what’s her inspiration. And, last but not least – surely what readers have been waiting for – Monika shares with us her favourite music.

Young Polish Fashion   HiEnd

I’ve been working on the autumn edition of the “Opposing Void” and a collection of longsleeves for men. I’ve also prepared some surprises which I won’t give away, but I’m sure they’re going to make the hearts of Diggin fashionistas beat faster J. I think that the first brand new items will be released in September and all the rest will debut at the autumn edition of the Fashionphilosophy Fashion Week Poland in Łódź at the end of October.

I’m about to launch hi-end’s “summer sale” – I recommend you to “like” our Facebook page, if you don’t want to miss all the really tempting discounts. To start with – the juicy colourful circle scarves, and then all the rest of the collection J.

I’m quite proud of everything connected with the project and the impact it’s had on people’s minds. I’m really happy that the ‘mésalliance’ of ore jewellery with urban design has found its devoted customers.

Young Polish Fashion   HiEnd

My collections are designed for…

…an individual, a free spirit – set in himself, open to experience himself on various levels, explore his own boundaries. When I’m in the process of designing I’m fixed on the idea aimed at body – at the individualized manner of joining my projects together, that gives a recipient (a man / a woman) the ability to become a full-blown subject, the creator of the very space around him/her. I have a wish – that we can pass each other on the street someday, true to ourselves, peculiar, regardless of the season, trends and all the rest social and cultural brinks and edges.

My principle of style is…

Much to match – organic, simple form, monocolour, layers, fabric which is alive and interacts with the body.

Where I’m looking for inspiration…

I don’t. I absorb everything that happens to me, to translate it to the language of inanimate matter afterwards. If there is one thing I look for – it’s the ‘alive’ element, in people, relationships, nature, art. That’s raw material out of which sketches are created – some of them are given ‘life’ in the form of projects, some are lost in a drawer, waiting for their time, others become out-dated. From the rest fragments of text will emerge.

Young Polish Fashion   HiEnd

The fabrics I use…

…become alive on contact with skin, adjust to the needs of a user, let themselves to be formed however I want – such is cotton, viscose, wool, silk.

Most of my projects are made of fabrics imported from Great Britain, but some come from domestic sources.

The first time I’ve felt that I want to design was…

…when I realized that designing and sewing several basic elements on my own would let me save much money, which used to be a problem then and not worry how I was going to survive the summer. At that time I didn’t know how to work with a sewing machine, so everything was hand-made. Those projects got so popular among my friends that I decided to design several different models. In the meantime I learned how to use a sewing machine, I created a collection of casual dresses for my pregnant sister, which were to serve her up until the delivery, I also designed some jewellery that I thought would become the axis but things went the other way around. I was interested in the subject matter of body while I worked as a psychologist – I would explore the relations between physicality and the ways women who underwent mastectomy deal with their disease. Apparently the better the condition of a physical self is, the higher are chances to combat the disease. I decided to treat this notion in a comprehensive manner and build a brand which would create space for individual physical expression.

Young Polish Fashion   HiEnd

When I design, I imagine a person who…

…is a bit out of this world, unstuck, who doesn’t fit, is unformatted, kaleidoscopic, whose body has known various tastes, scents, geometries and experiences.

In half a year I’d like to…

wake up, drink the morning coffee and dash to my own fusion store or a studio to make finishing touches to my spring collection. I’d like to be accessible.

I can’t imagine a day without…

Ccoffee and contact with those important to me.

My favourite place in town is…

I’ve lived in Szczecin, Poznan and Warsaw – each of these cities is in some sense mine, tame yet I belong to none of them. For some time now I’ve been trying not to get tied to places, not to tame them too much, not to have the favourite ones – to accept them as they are, because that’s the only way for them to be true.

Young Polish Fashion   HiEnd

Young Polish Fashion   HiEnd

I listen to…

the energetic beats of Dam-Funk, Onra, Bilal, Funkineven, Theo Parrish or Floating Points. I’m a fan of the most of the mash-ups by Boiler Room, and also the blue-eyed-soul motown classics. When I’m working, there’s mostly chillwave playing in the background – Washed Out, Woolfy, sometimes Toro Y Moi, also Prince, Little Dragon, D’Angelo, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Spoken Love, Raphael Saadiq, Radiohead, The Smiths and Interpol’s older productions. Lately I’ve been unable to stop listening to Onra – Love

Young Polish Fashion   HiEnd

and Boiler Room by Floating Points




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