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Young Polish Fashion – Dominika Gembiak , INFO

Today’s view of Young Polish Fashion proudly introduce you undoubtedly talented designer – Dominika Gembiak. Everything that came out from Dominica makes a big impression on me, but the latest collection is really gorgeous. I can’t wait for the show, which will take place on 9th September in Wroclaw in the club called Flow. Between the hectic preparations for this event Dominica found a moment to tell us about her previous collections and recent projects. Enjoy!

Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak

At the moment my studio is buzzing with preparations for the catwalk show, which will take place at the FLOW club in Wroclaw at 9pm. I’d like to take care of every detail, that’s why I’m totally focused on the organization of the show. It’s turned out that designing a collection is nothing compared to all such time-space chaos: models, make-up artists, hairstylists, a catwalk, light, music… I’m still struggling.

Apart from that, two fashion-photography projects created in collaboration with a photographer Katka Szmorąg are in their final stages. We’ve also invited to the first one a painter Beata Rojek. She will tamper with photos’ space, creating collages, installations, totally crazy stuff.

Also, the Fashion movie is almost finished; it was shot in July 2011, now vj Emiko has been editing the footage to the music that Marcin Cichy has written for us. On pins and needles waiting for the final product!

Each new collection is the one closest to my heart for the time being! Now everything has spun around the NoColour, but just after the show my attention will be stolen by thoughts about the next one. I’m brimming with ideas, seriously, multiplying endlessly – it’s just that I have to give them time, the realization of a collection is a costly and energy & attention consuming process. But I intend to make yet another collection this year, I’m happy just thinking about it.

My most important collections:

– Simple Black & White, made by the Fopa Film Production. Adorable collaboration with Monika Kotecka & co. Winter 2010 collection, but to me it seems years ago; simple, anticolour

– AvantGarde – wedding dresses + various clips made for the hair show as an alternative ideas for brides. White, too – really classic, but also short dresses, lots of patterns I’d used before –stripes etc., and last but not least – a pantsuit! As a wedding fashion novelty.

– SUBCONSCIOUSNESS – the collection based on colours; while designing it I was inspired by the beautiful Kashubian embroidery. It’s such a classical folk element – but multiplied, transformed into a graphic form it turned out to be really modern!

– The current one – NoColour is a collection based on four colours. Two dominating – black & white + grey & orange. the leading motive – stripes; I was inspired by the way – the road. An abstract, graphic motive…
Dominika @ Facebook

Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak

My collections are designed for…

People who need something interesting, unusual. It’s not about age – it’s about mindset. The clothes are urban, casual, intended to be comfortable and nice.

My principle of style is…

I don’t have any principles, I have intuition. I am transformed with every collection. But still, I like graphic solutions, comfort. I love lines, cuts, sharp colour transitions.

Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak

I look for inspiration in…

My friends are my inspiration, people I work with, books, art. I search for, I watch, I ask questions. I meet ideas by accident.

The fabrics I use…

are interesting, but not necessarily the finest. Touch is decisive to me, I know when it just feels good and then I want to sew out of it.

Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak

The first time I’d truly felt that I want to design was…

I’ve always been hypercreative and looked for outlets for this energy. I wanted to make art. And design – it’s unoriginal, but it’s been always present in my life: designing for my toys, for myself. At some point I gained enough courage to come out.

When I design, I imagine a person who…

Wow, there are so many things I imagine, as my imagination is rich and crazy. The reality is a limiting factor.

Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak

In half a year I’d like to…

Be as happy and fulfilled girl as I am now. All my professional and private dreams are my little secret.

I can’t imagine a day without…

A night.

Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak

My favourite place in town is…

Wroclaw as a whole is my favourite place.

I listen to…

I don’t know much about music and I’m not particularly fussy: I tend to fall in love in one album / tune and I listen to it in the following months – up until I fall in love again. I love dancing; the kind of imperfect, party dance. And live music is what I love to consume above all. Friendly, accessible, relaxing.

Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak
Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak

Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak

Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak

Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak
Young Polish Fashion   Dominika Gembiak




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