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Warsaw Calling 2nd B-day feat. KOLLEKTIV TURMSTRASSE live 1500m2, ul. Solec 18 25 Nov 2011 INFO

Difficult to classify – under the spur of the moment they make timeless music, perfect for dark dancefloors of underground clubs, as well as domestic seclusions. Atypical, since they do not seek inspiration in Berlin, but in a quiet seaside neighborhood of Hamburg. For more than 10 years they’ve been sharing their vision of electronic music with fans all around the world, from Reykjavik through Moscow to Tokyo, releasing in the meantime for Cocoon, Diynamik or thieir own Gewinnt Freunde Musik label. With the beautiful long-play “Rebellion der Träumer” for Connaisseur Recordings they confirmed last year their position on the world scene, gained after such tracks as “Tristesse”, “Grillen im Park”, “Last Day” and break-through remix of “On The Streets” Federleichta. Classics of the genre.

Warsaw Calling 2nd B day feat. KOLLEKTIV TURMSTRASSE live

Kollektiv Turmstrasse will arrive in Warsaw on the occasion of Warsaw Calling second birthday. Last 2 years were for them a continuous series of events, impressions, inspirations, as well as dozens of artists met on their way. Therefore, in addition to guests from Germany in two halls of 1500m2 you will hear the most interesting figures of national and local scene, with Kuba Sojka live on the top, and all those who for the past 24 months have been shaping and inspiring the hosts of the cycle.


KOLLEKTIV TURMSTRASSE live (Connaisseur Rec. / DE)
Kuba Sojka live (Mathematics Rec.)
Bshosa (DetroitZdrój)
Boy Division (GSTQ)
Warsaw Calling (1500m2)


Pitti Schmitti & Scheme (FIASKO)
Marcin Krupa (Ponton Music)
Easy Audio & MaL (ŻuŻuŻi)
Adam Bekett (
Mia Twin (TwiceDice)
Akme (Modest People)
Luke Hiero & Pavlo & Ice (
Qbs (Przyjaciele w Tańcu)
WSTĘP 20 zł presale
20 zł until 23:00
25 zł after 23:00



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