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Tomasz Greber — 28.03.2011 in

U Know Me Records team (putting out records of top polish music producers such as Teielte, Kixnare, Lower Entrance or Envee) delivers and continuously, positively surprises! I’m really happy about their progress and I’m confidently supporting it! Buszkers (we’ve published his playlist recently) cooked up a mix which is a showcase of what UKM released and is going to released in near future.

It’s exciting, especially when I think about what’s going to happen on 20th of May in Warsaw’s Cafe Culturalna.Second edition of U Know Me Night people! Expect a premiere of En2ak’s (who you may know from already) solo album – Celestial Toyroom. I was also told there arguing to be guest performers from London and Berlin. Sounds promising. As soon as I get to know more about it, be assured – I’m going to share the good news.

1. Galus – Remember Me?
[from forthcoming Galus ‘Futura’ LP]

2. Daniel Drumz – Lay Low On The Treble
[UKM 003]

3. Kixnare – Tomorrow
(Innocent Sorcerers Take 2)*
[z nadchodzącego Kixnare ‘Digital Garden Remixed’ EP]

4. Roux Spana – Floating Files

[from forthcoming Roux Spana’s LP]

5. Teielte – Lonadof Never [UKM 001]

6. Teielte – New Ghost
[from forthcoming Teielte’s new EP]

7. En2ak – A Fistful of Datas

[from forthcoming En2ak ‘Celestial Toyroom’ LP- UKM 006]

8. Kixnare – Dawn [UKM 002]

9. Lower Entrance – Back Entrance
[UKM 004 & UKM 005]

10. Lower Entrance – Back Entrance (teielte is dancing remix)

[from forthcoming Lower Entrance 7″ – UKM 005]

11. Envee – Kali
[from forthcoming Envee’s EP- UKM 007]

12. Lower Entrance feat. Natalia Grosiak – Unknown Variation

[UKM 004]

13. Good Paul – Double Bubble
[from forthcoming Good Paul’s EP]

* produced by Envee & Maceo for Innocent Sorcerers



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