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DJ Khaled – I’m On One

Thomas Wirski<br>Supra1
Nie jestem fanem Drake’a ani nigdy nie lubilem Khaleda, ale w ciepla noc nad basenem bedzie.
I’m not Drake’s fan, and I’ve never been a fan of Khaled, but hot night + pool = play.

18+ – Drawl

Thomas Wirski<br>Supra1
Crystal Castles 2011

18+ – Forgiven

Thomas Wirski<br>Supra1

Adam Port feat. Ruede Hagelstein – Corrosive Love

Thomas Wirski<br>Supra1
I buy every release from Keinemusik, play each with quality stamp of Adam.

Soul Clap – Incoming Bitch

Thomas Wirski<br>Supra1
Thomas Wirski<br>Supra1
‘Slow & Sexy wins the race’

Danny Daze ft. Louisahhh – Your Everything

Lousiah is one of the greatest woman I’ve ever met, and this is a track of summer ’11.

Novi Singers – Jeansy

Thomas Wirski<br>Supra1
Bassline better then Heartbroken T2



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