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Pvre Gold
ex-Phat Trakz
Pvre Gold (ex-Phat Trakz) is a joint project of Jedrek Jendroska and Pawel "Naphta" Klimczak, including people standing after, a series of events Loud & Clear, or broadcasts on Radio Luz. For several years, collecting dj experience on the dancefloors across the Poland. They played, among others of Eskmo, George Fitzgerald, Ritualz, Jamie Grind, Aquasky and the galaxy of the best national DJ's / producers (such as The Phantom, Kixnare, MNSL or Intreau). They are not scary of underground rave (7kilometr bass), and the great festivals (Naphta on Audioriver in Plock). Currently drifting towards a 4x4 rhythm, playing a mix of techno, house and deep sounds without sacrificing modern influences British music bass, r'n'b or rap music from Young Money sign. Their productions are a reflection eclectic DJ sets, and an undoubted impulse to the development this branch of activity is part Naphta in the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid. Więcej Leave a comment

RBMA Tokio – location and deadlines changes. We've already mentioned about recruitment for Tokio RBMA edition not so long ago. As we all know terible things happened in Japan and these would be a reason for changing location for the event. New hosting city will be announced on 11th of April and the good part is application submision deadline extension. You have time until 26th of April now. Więcej Leave a comment

DJ Craze visited Łódź DJ Craze visited Łódź not long ago and it seems like he was received well. So, if you've missed VChamps this year, go and read more about how it went. Więcej Leave a comment

Red Bull Music Academy – Enrollment 2011 This year's Red Bull Music Academy enrolment already kick off. It's exciting as this time the academy will take place in Tokio. If you are into music and you have think what you do is fresh, this is your chance to to work with the best. Spare some of your precious time and watch this video introduction about how to apply. Więcej Leave a comment