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A Kind Of Guise for autumn and winter It's going to be cold soon, so check out 'A Kind Of Guise' boys. Więcej Leave a comment

JumpFromPaper – cartoon bags! You can have a bag like Dexter or one of the Powerpuff Girls Więcej Leave a comment

The T/SHIRT Issue The T/SHIRT Issue is a Berlin based collective, that combines fashion, design and technology into unique basic apparel, ranging from daily wearables to conceptual installations. Więcej Leave a comment

Frame the fashion Surely we all know pictures presenting fashion. However, not often can we enjoy fashion presenting photography. Więcej Leave a comment

The first cycle by Borre Dutch designer Borre Akkersdijk created a machine that helps him to make an unusual quilted clothing. Więcej Leave a comment

Charlotte Taylor Designs by Charlotte Taylor don't need one, that's for sure, but this move made me want it even more! Więcej Leave a comment

Fantastic Spin Amazing in it's simplicity. Great way to showcase fashion. An example of sharp art direction vision coming from LERENT & SANDER in work made for FANTASTIC MAN magazine. Więcej Leave a comment

Coloring outside the lines – Cynthia Rowley Cynthia Rowley says that her collection is all about coloring outside the lines. Więcej Leave a comment

Scarves by Charlotte Linton Charlotte Linton's 2011 collections are based on inspirations collected in Himalayas and Madagascar and simply drown in the colors. Więcej Leave a comment

Shorts by Built by Wendy Shorts that are short, cute and colorful. Pick your color and start to walk into the sun! Więcej Leave a comment

Yokoo and her scarves, sweaters and accessories Yokoo not only she does a brilliant scarves, sweaters and unusual accessories, but also presents them in an unusual way. Więcej Leave a comment

Silent by Damir Doma Silent products are natural, pure and effortless. Więcej Leave a comment

Porter Classic – straight from Japan Porter Classic is a japanese brand run by father and son, who search for inspirations in retro workwear. Więcej Leave a comment

Bamboo bags by John Cho Moore John Cho Moore makes canvas and bamboo bags. Więcej Leave a comment

Guerrero Porcelain by Maap Studio It looks great and I'm sure it wears even better - Guerrero porcelain by MaaP Studio. Yummy. Więcej Leave a comment

STNTN, change your tie for… The world moves forward, men are jealous for women's possibilities to decorate their necks, designers face the needs - STNTN Więcej 1 Comment

Nonnative 2011 Nonnative's 2011 collection rocks and promotional video with an element of artificial beard melted our hearts. Więcej Leave a comment

The new haven math club – Gant Rugger If you dress smart, your mind will shortly follow. Więcej Leave a comment