I grew up collecting records. I started DJing at the age of fifteen and cut my teeth warming up playing deep house music around the clubs of Cambridge. Since then I have moved to Liverpool and widened my DJ spectrum, I now regularly drop vinyl bombs spanning from afro-beat through to deep house in my DJ sets. I have steadily been building my sound over the past few years taking in influences ranging from jazz through to techno.

However, I have been a huge fan of hip-hop since before I even knew what house music was… In my early years I used to listen to artists like KRS One, Wu Tang Clan and Gangstarr to name but a few. I still continue to build a large collection of hip-hop music despite house being the main genre I am often associated with. Some of my biggest influences in terms of production style and the sound I like in records are producers big on the rap scene such as Madlib and Kariem Riggins.

For „Never give you up” (a track that „Oficjalnie przy mikrofonie” rework is based on) the idea came from a digging session through some old 2nd hand record shops… I came across an old 45 of the original Barry White track which had loads of surface noise. I really liked the sound it made so decided to sample it and see what would happen! That’s why its got such a raw feel to it…