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Tomasz Greber — 10.03.2011 in

Ladies and gents, let us introduce new reformated, redesigned reborn – website that exists for more than 9 years now. Project that was started up from simple strive to share our passion – listening to and sharing music we love. We’ve been getting involved with polish music scene reaching good music through artists themselves, through events to end of the chain — our audience — people like us, with love for good music. We partied together discussed and shared.

Our passion grows and let new version of our website be a proof of that. We’ll be delivering a selection of music, design and culture news to you with main focus on music related content — all that on Daily basis.

We’ll be your source for what’s the best in music events in Poland, the best DJ nights, live acts and more. So, if you are looking for good time out or you’re simply curious about what’s cooking, then our Events section should be your perfect guide.

We’ll wrap our tongues around our necks and deliver even more! Just out of our love for you, periodically, we’ll publish Playlists – music selections by DJs, music producers and other figures that you already know or you should know due to their priceless taste and achievements.

Just to wrap it up, if you feel like integrating with our existing readers base (great people), drop by and say hi in Diggin Forum. Place where all music collectors meet. Don’t be refrained by polish, we do speak other languages. Oh yes, has 100% polish roots, although language we speak is universal.



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