Wszystkie Gdańsk Katowice Kraków Poznań Szczecin Warszawa Wrocław Łódź
Wszystkie Gdańsk Katowice Kraków Poznań Szczecin Warszawa Wrocław Łódź

MówMiMike — 29.03.2012 in

Bohaterem poniższego wywiadu, przeprowadzonego z okazji kolejnej mini
trasy po Polsce, jest Stu Robinson, znany szerzej jako Cosmic Boogie. W nadchodzący weekend
artysta odwiedzi Warszawę oraz Częstochowę. Z tej okazji mamy dla was
odpowiedzi na kilka szybkich pytań, miks oraz klasyczną diggin
Playlistę. jak zawsze patronuje wizycie tego nietuzinkowego
dja, producenta i promotora. Także tym razem możecie spodziewać się u
nas wejściówek do Powiększenia i Rury gdzie będzie można go usłyszeć.
Tymczasem zapraszamy do lektury.

Cosmic Boogie x NSM – Little Creatures Famous Drum Machine

What’s up Cosmic Boogie? What’s going on since your last visit in Poland?

When did I last come? October?

Since then I have got together another two Boogie Originals releases, had a couple of great nights at the bi monthly party we run down in London, added loads of gear to the studio, had a break from djing out so I could help with our new baby and stuff, and put together a new project – Little Creatures. So a fair bit going on.

New moniker ? New label? New gear in studio? That’s actually quite a lot… Any new countries visited?

Yep new everything – but the same person in the middle of it… The new thing I am doing is with my long time mate and ex Archive promoter Andy Mac. He just came round with our newly arrived Juno 106. Things are looking up…

Countries between the last visit haven’t been to many – Barcelona and Valencia…but over the next few months I am off to Istanbul, Helsinki, Talin, Macedonia and some other not so confirmed places.

Cosmic Boogie   wywiad dla

You’ve been also recently busy as a promoter in London, how is it to invade such a diverse and saturated night life market?

I guess if you put a night together well, with the right type of guests and aim it at the right crowd – you have a chance of making it. Dan Spinney, who I run it with, is a really good promoter. We work together to get the right night on and we work hard, and most of the nights so far have been a sell out. So we just carry on trying to push the night in what is, as you say, a hard place to make things work.

You seem to be very succesful in every area you decide to step in. What about your home football team (Liverpool FC)? Are they going as well as your mixes on BrokeCloud?

Yes. Ever since I started supporting Barcelona last Sunday, things have been going great.

Cosmic Boogie   wywiad dla

As you’re a very popular person on facebook and other social media you must be receiving loads of stuff with request for opinion. Guess some of it is shite but let’s focus on shining examples. Who would you recommend as definitely worth checking lately?

New people? Hmm…good question. I think there are a few people from Liverpool that are starting to break it through into the next level – John Heckle is one of them… and Boogie Originals have signed three tracks from a guy called Bantam Lions (again from Liverpool).

In the whole UK thing at the moment you obviously have the Bicep guys doing very well, Krystal Klear killing it with that XLR8 podcast…Hunee about to drop a new album on Rush Hour…lots of good German producers like Erdbierschnitzel. Oh and Red Rackem’s new stuff is very dark and deep as well.

At the moment I am really becoming a big fan of Murphy Jaxx – I’m hoping to ask him for some new stuff for Boogie Originals, and there is of course the usual suspects like DSO – whose new Use of Weapons EP has the best track to date – Erase Everything.

I also love this original rave sound that’s coming back from the likes of Machinedrum. I might not play it, but it’s great as it reminds me of a fantastic part of my life.

You’re production style has been changing since your very first re-edit actions back on Disco Deviance and Cosmic Boogie label. How would you describe yourself at the point where you are now productionwise and what should polish crowd expect from you on upcoming gigs in Warsaw and Częstochowa over this weekend?

I’d say what I have now become is a more settled mixture of all the sounds that have influenced me over the last 20 years. That ranges from Northern Soul to the darkest mid nineties Hardcore and Techstep Jungle. Also as the machine driven house sound is very much back, I’m feeling that as it’s what I started going out to when I was very young. Of course, I am a huge fan of disco and it’s may sub genres still – so I would say expect a bit of everything, played in the right context. It’s good that we are now in a time that you can do that… no more single genre blandness all night please.

Since you have now played in more cities in Poland than some of our local heroes, what do you think of our venues, djs and crowd?

Poland is amazing. Simple as that.

While looking at your recent activity it’s hard to believe that Cosmic Boogie is actally one person. Obviously music and football is not enough so you succesfully challenge your self with being a father. You’ve been also pretty active on that ground over last 12 months…

Yep – but without the help of my girlfriend Vikki – I wouldn’t be able to do the things I dreamed of. Now I am, it’s hard work, but the rewards are incredible.

Final question – what is your favourite vegetable and why is it potato
in every form and shape?

My favourite vegetable is actually the carrot. Did you not try my carrot crisps when you were last here? I’ll bring some.

Wywiad przeprowadził Rafał Grobel (Na Stare Milion)



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