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Wszystkie Gdańsk Katowice Kraków Poznań Szczecin Warszawa Wrocław Łódź


Tomasz Greber — 16.09.2011 in

Dużo dobrych numerów z dobrych lat kiedy jarałeś(aś) się tym nie dla mody.

„Mix we did for the chaps at Svetlana..was inspired by the Midnite Eez record and is just a mix of 90s indie hip hop…Prize for anyone who can get the or two difficult ones Shazam mightnt cop but otherwise shouldnt be too hard!…The Spiel from Svetlana..

This mix is called We All Cant Be Pimps and We All Cant Rap.

It could also be called the Pangaea mix cause the tunes date from when the world was a single supercontinent called hip hop and it’s huge.

All City Records is a shop in Dublin but people like us who don’t live there know it as a label which gave beatheads a serious dose of education with their ESSENTIAL 7 x 7 series of 7″s in 2008, followed up with their 10×10 series of 10″s focusing on LA, featuring our bro Teebs among all the other heroes of that town.

We badgered them for a mix for a while, knowing they would come up with something fresh, and here it is: a creamy collection of underground 90s hip hop, as old and stale and stinking and ancient and gloriously freshhh as you could wish in this technoid age.

Mixed on vinyl only by Olan and DJ Tu-ki. First to send us the tracklist on email Olan says he’s gonna send a lush All City goodybag.”



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